“Discover A Step By Step Blueprint Of Exactly How To Stay Safe And Pass Anyone's Guard...No Matter What Belt Level Or How Flexible They Are"
Hi name is Matt Arroyo. I am a TUF 6 Veteran and ADCC 2015 Veteran. I have been training since 2003 and got my black belt from Rob Kahn (Royce Gracie’s first ever black belt) in 2009. 

I have trained with almost every grappling champion you can think of from Marcelo Garcia, Andre Galvao, Robert Drysdale, Matt Serra, Cyborg, Rodolfo Vieira, Keenan Cornelius, Royce Gracie,  and so many others!

If there is one thing I learned by training with all these animals ....When they get a dominant position..they control it...and capitalize from it!
Passing The Guard Is The Hardest Thing To Do In BJJ...
This has to be one of the biggest frustration in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!  

You smack, bump, and get ready to roll...Then you use crazy amounts of energy to pass your partners guard!! 

What happens next?

Two seconds later he is back to guard,  and now you are now EXHAUSTED!!


Even Worse, you get swept or submitted in one of those tricky guards before you ever had a chance to pass!

There is no greater frustration then feeling controlled and dominated in BJJ!
I Knew I Had To Develop A System For Passing All Of The Most Popular Guards!
A blueprint...for someone to follow so that once they are in someones guard, they know exactly what to do!

A passing system for each of the most popular guards that anyone of any size can use TODAY to pass their opponents guard!

A blueprint of exactly how to escape the mount depending on which type of mount position your opponent has on you...Not just the "how" but also (more importantly) the "when."

From going through hundreds of BJJ Instructionals since 2003, training with champions, competing, and attending seminars I took all of the knowledge that I learned and used on mount control attacks and escapes and morphed it all into an easy to use "SYSTEM."

I am Very Proud to Introduce You to My "Guard Pass Blueprint"
I put together the Guard Pass Blueprint after learning from and training with all of the grappling champions such as Marcelo Garcia, Robert Drysdale, Andre Galvao, Keenan Cornelius, Rob Kahn, Matt Serra to name a few..It’s a blueprint whose foundation is from only the BEST and the most user friendly guard passes and strategies with absolutely ZERO Fluff!  I systemized it all so that you can just plug and play!

Frankly put, If you took my coach Rob Kahn and all the above mentioned champions and they had a man-child....this said man-child would teach you guard passing EXACTLY as I show in this course lol.
Here Is What You’ll Get...
DVD 1: Breaking Grips, Defense, And Opening Guard

  •  Guard Passing Introduction 
  •  Safety Zone #1 will show you proper hand position when staying low in the guard to stay safe form all sweeps and submissions. 
  •  Safety Zone #2 explains how to use proper poster in the guard and how to never get pulled in again.
  •  How to Properly break all grips including wrist, elbow, and head grips so you will never be controlled in the guard.
  •  How to break down the pesky head and overhook grips when someone has pulled you in. 
  •  How to use the "Captain Morgan" guard open no matter how strong someones legs are.
  •  How to break the guard open from even when the person has super long legs or is stronger than you.
  •  How to properly stand up in the guard and then open it without getting swept or submitted.
  •  The best midlevel guard open that automatically sets you up for a slew of passes!
  •  A simple yet underused strategy concept on guard passing all about the proper timing that will increase your passing success 10 fold!
  •  The 3 staple passes that you need to know the second the guard opens.
DVD 2: Guard Pass Blueprints (Part 1)
  • Butterfly Pass System: Head And Ankle Pin Pass
  •  Butterfly Pass System: Ankle Grab Low Pass
  • Butterfly Pass System: Elbow Punch Pass
  •  Butterfly Pass System: Leg Mounting Transitions
  •  Butterfly Pass System: Folding Pass
  •  Butterfly Pass System: Guard Lift Ejector Seat
  •  Open Guard Pass System: Standing Ankle Pin Pass
  •  Open Guard Pass System: Ankle Pin Pass Kimura Counter
  •  Open Guard Pass System: Ankle Pin Pass Wrist Kick Counter
  •  Knee Shield Passing Blueprint: 180 Cut Through
DVD 3: Guard Pass Blueprints (Part 2)
  • Knee Shield Passing Blueprint: Switch Side Pass
  • Knee Shield Passing Blueprint: To Twisted Half
  •  Knee Shield Passing Blueprint: To Twisted Half To Mount
  •  Knee Shield Passing Blueprint: To the Twisted half to the BONUS Submission
  • Stand Up Passing Blueprint: The Super Cut Through
  •  Stand Up Passing Blueprint: The Switch
  •   Stand Up Passing Blueprint: To Reverse Twisted Half
  •  Stand Up Passing Blueprint: De La Riva Counter
  •  Stand Up Passing Blueprint: Ankle Toss Pin Ball Pass
  •  Stand Up Passing Blueprint- Ankle Toss Pin Ball Pass To Under Pass
  •  Guard Passing Conclusion
How Much Will This Cost?
So I know the next question you are probably thinking to yourself is “How much is this proven system going to cost?”

Well, I know for this comprehensive, easy to learn Guard Pass Blueprint we could easy charge $147...But for a limited time we decided to charge an investment of only $77 for the digital version or $97 for the DVD's And Digital Combo ( plus $7.95 for domestic shipping.)
So Click the Button Below and it Will Take You to Our Order Page. 
100% Money Back Guarantee
Guys, I put a lot of time, sweat, trial and error, and even blood into creating this battle tested system and making these DVD's for you. I am so completely confident in their quality and that you will finally start finishing passing the guard that I will take all the risk off of you and put it back on me. I'm offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If you get the dvd's, watch them, and don't think it is the kind of quality you were looking for, then we will refund you your investment back...No Questions Asked...and you can even keep the DVDS!!! But we know this won’t happen, because...well....This system WORKS!!
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This Course Will Not Be Available Long...
We only made 250 copies of this DVD...So we are going to close the sale as soon as we get rid of the 250 copies...So if you are interested getting your mount control and attacks right, don't wait! Finally, learn a TRUE SYSTEM of passing that anyone can use no matter how big, strong, or flexible they are.
See What Everyone Is Saying About Matt Arroyo’s System...
 Robert Drysdale, BJJ black belt World Champion

"Matt's skills are a testament of the efficiency of BJJ in MMA. His experience in both fields qualify him as one of the top instructors in the country. His detailed knowledge and commitment to teaching is a rare combination. I highly recommend his instruction."
 Troy Ragano, 53 Year Old & BJJ Black Belt

“No matter if you are a beginner or advanced. The Guard Attack Blueprint is a must. Learn new techniques or tighten up your passing  game. Matt Arroyo's teaching technique is top notch. Either you are going to have this DVD or your opponent. I know I will.”
 Francisco Lugo, BJJ Blue Belt

“Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. No longer am I under pressure or rush when I pass the guard. Thanks to Master Matt's Guard Pass Blueprints I feel in complete control over my opponent. The step by step makes the move easier to understand and help execute the move effectively”
Michael Lugo, BJJ Brown Belt

“Passing used to be the weakest part of my game; however, thanks to Master Matt Arroyo's Guard Pass Blueprint, it has now become one of my favorite places to be when rolling. In addition, his step-by-step instruction made the concepts of the blueprint easy to understand.”
Jeff Bailey, BJJ Black Belt

"When I was a purple belt I would have alot of trouble passing higher level guys guards. That's when my whole game changed and had an huge AHA moment! after Professor Matt Arroyo showed me very important details I was missing through his Guard Pass Blueprint. If your Jiu Jitsu is important to you I highly recommend his DVD's.
5 stars!!!!!”
Daniel Matos , BJJ Brown Belt & Pro MMA Fighter

“ I use to have a hard time figuring out what to do from the top guard. Thanks to Master Matt Arroyo's Guard Passing DVD I have been able to pass and submit opponents in tournaments at will. This Guard Pass DVD will blow your mind with details from the UFC vet himself!! A purchase that will not be regretted and take your game to the next level.”
So Click the Button Below and It Will Take You to Our Order Page. Fill Out the Order Page and We Will Ship the DVD’s Right to Your Door Step!